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Block-based coding

Pre-K & Kindergarten

CodeMonkey Jr. is for your youngest learners. This app teaches kindergarteners the basics of coding with a progression of gaming challenges. Using blocks, students will build a set of visual coding instructions to help lead a monkey to a treasure chest.

Length: Less than 1 Semester
Extended Grades: Pre-K-3
Total Number of Lessons: 29

1st & 2nd Grade

Beaver Achiever is great for stimulating young students to learn essential coding skills. Your students will use coding blocks to help the friendly beaver complete different tasks in its natural habitat.

Length: Less than 1 Semester
Extended Grades: 1-4
Total Number of Lessons: 23

2nd - 4th Grade

Dodo Does Math’s highly engaging challenges offer students a memorable way to practice math as they code in CoffeeScript. In each challenge, students need to help the dodo get to her eggs by utilizing real-world coding and math skills.

Length: 1 semester
Extended Grades: 2-5
Total Number of Lessons: 9

3rd - 5th Grade

Coding Adventure is a game-based environment where students learn to code in CoffeeScript as they help a monkey catch bananas. The course provides an easy entry into text-based coding.

Length: 3 Semesters
Extended Grades: 2-9
Total Number of Lessons: 48

 After completing CodeMonkey’s award-winning coding courses, students will be able to navigate through the programming world with a sense of confidence and accomplishment!

6th - 8th Grade

After completing the game design courses, students will get to execute every stage of the game-creation process – from choosing their own backgrounds to programming the rules of their games. 

Length: 1 Semester
Extended Grades: 4-8
Total Number of Lessons: 19

6th - 8th Grade

Banana Tales is a comprehensive coding course where students use Python to move a banana to a baby monkey by clearing a path and overcoming obstacles along the way. 

Length: 1 1/2 Semesters
Extended Grades: 5-9
Total Number of Lessons: 22

6th - 8th Grade

With its chatbot interface, easy-to-read instructions, and real-world programming, Coding Chatbots is the perfect project-based solution for older students. In Coding Chatbots, students learn Python  and chatbot interface elements as they program a real chatbot to host a popular guessing game.

Length: 1 Semester
Extended Grades: 7-12
Total Number of Lessons: 16

3rd - 5th Grade

Digital literacy courses will introduce students to the different aspects of computers and how to use them. It will also teach students how to behave safely in the digital world. In each lesson, the students will learn a new subject by following a guided course, play various games that use the knowledge they just learned and answer review questions to demonstrate their knowledge on the topic. 

Length: 2 Courses (16 lessons per course)
Extended Grades: 3-7
Total Number of Lessons: 32

1st Grade and Up!

Monthly Activities are 1 WEEK ONLY✨ games that change monthly! It’s a fun way for kids to get a special bonus coding course that relates to the current holidays! All holiday course activities are on the Game Builder platform using block-based coding. Available for Schools, Home, and Trial users!

Length: Exercises in the course change every month.
Grades: Great for beginners and advanced coders!

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