Rainy Day? Here Are 5 At-Home Learning Activities for Your Kids

Rainy days can be pretty upsetting for the kids as they are locked up inside and find it hard to indulge in games or be productive. Sometimes you’re stuck indoors for a long time due to heavy rains, school shutdown, unexpected snowfall, etc. However, you can still make the most out of these days and keep your child indulged in productive indoor learning activities.

Outdoor activities not only help the kid establish good physical health but has positive impacts on his brain development as well as mental health. It helps in strengthening the child’s imaginations, helps him socialize and interact with other people and gain knowledge about nature. However, when the kids cannot go out due to weather conditions, it becomes a problem for both the children as well as the kids.

 It becomes stressful for parents to engage children when they are home, and often kids get involved in playing games on TV or other gadgets, which isn’t a healthy way of lifestyle.  We have gathered a list of 5 activities where you can involve your kids while staying indoors:

1. DIY Activities

DIY (Do it yourself) activities can be pretty engaging and productive for kids of all ages. Depending on your interests as well as the ages of your children, you can make some DIYs at home. These masterpieces that you and your kids create can be saved or even used at home, so the kids feel appreciated.

There are tons of DIYs available online, which include making your toys, plants, painting pots, and much more, which you can make with the kids. Use all the markers, paints, and glues that you own and come up with unique creations that will excite your children.

You can start with simple things as well, like using paper cups to create a puppet or make a storage box using a cereal box, etc. this is a fun way to bond with your children and help them strengthen their skills about colors, aesthetics, designs, and crafts. Children who are encouraged in crafts tend to be more creative once they have grown up.

2. Bring Out The Good Old Board Games

Another way to keep your kids engaged while indoors is by introducing them to board games. Board games are fun to play, and you can enjoy a good family time that too, without screens (win-win!).

There are multiple ways that board games help children learn various skills, identify colors, count spaces, and much more analytical skills. Not only is it fun to play board games but helps in sharpening the mind, which is essential for the brain development of children.

Some of the games also help establish good vocabulary, helps in spelling, and establish English learning skills as well, which is a perfect learning opportunity for kids while having fun. Board games also help in developing concentration and better-focusing abilities in your kids. It helps in increasing the attention span of the child at an early age.

home learning activities for kids

3. Bringing the Outdoors In (Be As Creative As You Want)

The children cannot go out, but you can surely bring the outdoors inside for them. If you want to have a little fun and relaxation time, then you can think of setting up a small tent for the kids to camp indoors.

Make a fort using pillows, blankets, rugs, and fairy lights to make a cute cozy camping space for the kids indoors. You can also bake cookies and do a tea party for the kids inside where they can play or watch a movie or pray inside at prayer times.

Adding a few natural pieces can also make it more interesting for the kids, like some pinecones, leaves, and pine branches to give a real feel to the camp. You can be as experimental as you want and make it just how your kids would like it. Many people tend to make these spaces cozy for their kids to read or play a game simply while having a little bit of fun.

4. Science Experiments with Cooking Ingredients

One of the most interesting ways to keep the child focused and engaged indoors is through science experiments. Not only are the experiments engaging but also well for their early-age learning. No matter what age, these experiments are pretty fascinating for children of all ages and sometimes for adults too.

These experiments are hardly difficult and mostly require items that are already present at home. Try to do the one that is fascinating for the kids and explain to them the process, so they remember and comprehend what’s happening.

You can try making lava lamps, homemade dough, volcano, snow globe, invisible ink, homemade slime, a bean in a cup, etc. These are all learning experiments for the kids and easily doable at home. You can also teach them to kids and ask them to do it on their own, so they also learn while having fun.

5. Readout Loud With the Kids

If your kids already enjoy reading, then you can try reading out a loud activity with your kids where everyone takes turns to read out the story.

There are multiple benefits of reading out loud to the kids, and has multiple positive impacts on the kids:

  • It creates a lifetime interest in reading for the kids
  • it extends the attention spans of the kids
  • Reading out loud helps in language development.
  • By reading out loud, a child’s imagination is strengthened.
  • Comprehension skills are also improved with aloud reading
  • Helps you bond with kids

To Sum It Up

These were the top 5 ways through which you can keep your kids engaged in productive and useful activities while staying indoors. Every passing day, children are becoming more and more addicted to screens through smartphones, laptops, tablets, play stations, and other gadgets, which is making them lazy and less productive. Excessive use of screen is really harmful to kids of any and all ages hence it is advised that parents take extra care in engaging the children in productive and playful activities.


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