Case Studies

Real Teacher experiences Using codemonkey coding courses in the classroom!

Introducing CodeMonkey to Address Gaps in WPS’s Elementary School Technology Curriculum
Worcester Public Schools | Worcester, Ma
Case Study

District of 35 elementary schools serving students in grades K-5. In response to a teacher/department head request, the district introduced a coding program for grades 2-3 as part of their elementary technology special course. 

Public school that focuses on providing a comprehensive and engaging curriculum to their students. With over 600 students using CodeMonkey, this district has been with the coding curriculum since 2016. 

Encouraging Elementary School students to be creators of content, rather than just consumers.
PS 196 Grand Central Parkway Public School | New York City
Case Study
How CodeMonkey Got More Than 250,000 Israeli Students to Learn to Code
The Israeli Coding Olympics | Israel
Case Study

Kids Coding Competition

Over 250,000 students from over 1,700 schools participated in the Israeli Coding Olympics. 100 schools were chosen to send student delegations to compete in the final event, and 400 students attended the final event. The competition received significant media coverage and exposure, leading to the creation of a new coding movement across the nation.

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We at CodeMonkey would like to hear your story and how coding in general, CodeMonkey in particular, helped your organization as a whole. We’d love to hear about the experience of students, teachers, school or district-level management. 

We would like to share these stories with others so they can be inspired to bring the gift of coding to their organizations. We’d like to show that both large and small organizations have their own unique story. There are so many ways to educate the younger generation!

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