Case Study:

PS 196 Grand Central Parkway Public School

Encouraging Elementary School students to be creators of content, rather than just consumers.

PS 196 Grand Central Parkway Public School | New York City Geographic District #28

PS 196 Grand Central Parkway Public School in New York City’s Geographic District #28 is a public school that focuses on providing a comprehensive and engaging curriculum to its students. With over 600 students using CodeMonkey, teacher Ellen Phillips is one of their favorites. She explained how happy her district has been with the coding curriculum (since 2016)!  In this case study, we examine how the school integrates a comprehensive curriculum and game-like quality to its computer science classes, teaching them to be ultimately, creators themselves.

A comprehensive curriculum

Providing a comprehensive curriculum is important for its students as it gives them and the teachers an easy framework to follow. The curriculum acts as a backbone for students to lean on when exploring new concepts and ideas. The students, even those who are not particularly interested in coding, benefit from this approach as it helps them understand the basic skills required to perhaps take them into future computer science-related careers.

To make coding engaging and interesting, the school employs CodeMonkey’s platform, appreciating its game-like quality it. This modular format is universally liked by all the students, irrespective of their grade level. It also has a sense of humor, which the teachers noticed was important to keep the students engaged and excited about coding.

Coding in Schools Case Study

The school's emphasis on creating original content empowers its students to become creators rather than just consumers of content, and CodeMonkey has all the right courses just for this purpose.

Ellen Phillips, Instructional Technology Specialist

Courses that encourage creation

The school aims to empower its students to create original content, be it a game, animation, or short story. It wants its students to have a sense of ownership of something that is original and uniquely theirs. CodeMonkey challenges are an excellent way to develop skills, and get elementary school students thinking in this new way. The end goal is to have the students create original content and not just consume it.

The importance of early exposure to computer science is so important, as it is a field that is one of the highest in demand right now. The student’s enthusiasm for computer science is at its peak in elementary school, and teachers aim to harness this to ignite an interest in coding. Computer science classes are designed to be engaging and fun so that students can develop a life-long passion for coding from an early age.

In conclusion, PS 196 Grand Central Parkway Public School’s approach to teaching computer science with CodeMonkey provides its students with a comprehensive and engaging curriculum. The school’s emphasis on creating original content empowers its students to become creators rather than just consumers of content, and CodeMonkey has all the right courses just for this purpose. 

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