Teachers’ PD with CodeMonkey

Even teachers need to learn!

At CodeMonkey, we understand the importance of professional development for educators. We are committed to training teachers to feel comfortable using CodeMonkey and equipping them with the necessary skills to teach coding effectively. Professional development is an ongoing process of both learning and training, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

CodeMonkey is teacher friendly with links and resources making teaching and learning a breeze. With your Subscription plus PD purchase, you get training that is tailored to your needs! We train according to the grade levels that work for you!

Join us at CodeMonkey and embark on a fulfilling professional development journey. Develop yourself as a teacher while spreading the knowledge of teaching coding to kids using our dynamic and effective CodeMonkey platform. Together, let’s empower the next generation of digital innovators!

a live online webinar for PD

CodeMonkey offers a range of virtual webinars specifically designed for teachers’ professional development. These webinars are carefully crafted to introduce teachers to the CodeMonkey platform and empower them to confidently teach coding using our fun and easy-to-learn resources.

During these engaging sessions, our experienced trainers provide an in-depth overview of CodeMonkey courses. They familiarize teachers with the comprehensive lesson plans and explain coding concepts taught in the courses at a conceptual level. By the end of the webinars, teachers will have a solid understanding of how to integrate CodeMonkey into their curriculum and create an engaging coding learning experience for their students.

There is a customized list of webinars for PD participants.

кодирование вебинаров

Let's work together to empower the next generation of coders

Make a significant impact on the education of young minds by teaching them how to code, as computer science professions play an increasingly vital role in shaping our future.

Develop New Courses

As a CodeMonkey professional development teacher, you have the opportunity to contribute to our curriculum team and actively participate in expanding our course offerings. We value your expertise and encourage you to create new courses that align with the needs and interests of today’s students. By collaborating with our curriculum team, you can help shape the future of coding education and make a lasting impact in the lives of young learners.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

CodeMonkey, ведущая игровая обучающая платформа, обучает студентов восьми лет и старше фундаментальным принципам компьютерного программирования. Продукты CodeMonkey, основанные в 2014 году, призваны максимально повысить вовлеченность и удобство работы пользователей, чтобы познакомить студентов с основами компьютерного программирования. Используя реальные языки программирования и масштабируемость для всех учебных сред, CodeMonkey предоставляет готовое решение для преподавателей, предлагая базовое обучение, инструменты управления и отчетности, автоматическое выставление оценок и подробные руководства для учителей и обратную связь в реальном времени для учащихся.

Understanding of coding fundamentals is an advantage as well as some teaching experience and experience in conducting trainings.

CodeMonkey offers courses starting from Pre-school up to the 8th grade. You can view the coding pathway on our Courses page.

Most materials are already prepared by the CodeMonkey team.
Our trainers communicate back to the CodeMonkey team with any issues/questions raised in the sessions with the customer.

Develop yourself as a teacher

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