Digital Literacy Courses

Students learn about computers, the internet, and how to behave safely in the digital world.

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Digital Literacy Courses

Guided Courses, Games, Reviews & More!

Digital literacy courses will introduce students to the different aspects of computers and how to use them. It will also teach students how to behave safely in the digital world. In each lesson, the students will learn a new subject by following a guided course, play various games that use the knowledge they just learned and answer review questions to demonstrate their knowledge on the topic.

2 Courses #1  Digital Use #2  Digital Citizenship

Использование цифровых технологий

Topics covered include:
✔️Hardware ✔️Software ✔️How to search the internet ✔️Word processing ✔️Spreadsheets ✔️Presentation software ✔️and more!

Обитатели цифрового мира

Topics covered include:
✔️Privacy ✔️Threats prevention ✔️Security measures  ✔️Digital wellness ✔️and more!

Learning Digital Literacy is Easy


Student’s learn about Digital Literacy with guided lessons.


Play games with the knowledge just learned.


Answer review questions with confidence.

What's Included

✔️ Teacher guides
✔️ Course explanations
✔️ Interactive Q&A’s
✔️ Games to test what students learned
✔️ Student review questions
✔️ Creation lessons


2 Courses (16 lessons per course)

No experience is needed to teach or learn about Digital Literacy! 

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Digital Literacy is an important course for any 21st-century student!

Digital Literacy Courses

Start teaching your students the basics and prepare them for using technology in our digital world!