8 Programming Career Paths for Kids that Know How to Code

Kids are good at absorbing and retaining knowledge. In addition to that, they are also adaptable and can learn technical skills like coding with the proper guidance. As a parent, ensuring your kids learn coding and other skills at a young age is one of the best things you can do.

Starting training early enough can help them to master the skills as they grow older. But it is vital to know the career path this will prepare them for in the future. This article will explore the professional fields your kids can excel in once they get to an expert level in coding.

Let’s get started with the top programming career paths your kid can consider.

  1. Game Developer

Gaming is becoming a popular pass-time and a way of fostering friendship. In addition, it is also becoming a lucrative career that many people want to get into. This has increased the demand for games in recent years, calling for more game development to meet the rising demand.

This also means that the game development industry also needs more professionals. If your kid has coding skills, this is a career they should consider. Their job description will include writing scripts and developing playable games from them. All they need are the right skills and passion.  

  1. Web Developer

Web development is a career that’s worth checking out today. Every business has a website or is looking to launch one. Those that already have websites also require regular maintenance. This means that the demand for web developers is not going to reduce any time soon.

Your kid can have a bright career as a web developer if they learn to program early. A programming course will equip them with веб-дизайн principles to help them kick start their professional career. They will also learn how to work with various front-end frameworks.

  1. Software Tester

Learning code isn’t a must if you want to become a software tester. But it is an added advantage that can help you be competitive in the job market. Software testing is more about inputting data and checking the output. What you must do to become one is learn automation testing.

And there are several online resources like guides and courses to help you learn these skills. A kid with coding skills can learn automation testing to add value to their skills. This can give them a chance of making more money as there won’t be a need to pair them with a coding expert.

  1. Android Developer

Most people use Android-powered personal smartphones. There also are many developments going on in the Android ecosystem, with cars also using the technology. That makes android development a blossoming career path. Kids with coding knowledge can specialize in Android.

All they need to succeed in this field is an understanding of programming languages. They also should be proficient in Android Studio. In the learning process, they also get to acquire analytical and problem-solving skills. Android development is a career path that your kid will enjoy.

  1. Database Administrator

Database administrators play vital roles in their organizations. They manage databases and ensure high performance and integrity. Another essential role they play is in making sure that the databases are secure from attackers. Programming skills are crucial for this task.

That makes this a career path that your kid can consider. Their skills will make it easy to tailor databases for the intended users. Besides, this knowledge helps them to maintain the databases constantly. This career pays well, and your kids will have a good income using their skills.

  1. Data Scientist

Besides having a database admin, a business needs a scientist to work with their data too. This is a career path that’s perfect for statistics and algorithm enthusiasts. Anyone with coding skills can also have a successful career in this field. One of a data scientist’s roles is using code to translate data into meaningful information.

With coding skills, your kid can quickly analyze vast sets of unstructured data. Starting this early enough gives them a chance to grow their skills and have better chances of employment. The demand for data scientists is high as businesses need their analyzed data for decision-making.

  1. UI/UX Designer

This is among the newest career paths for people in the programming industry. Businesses are putting more effort into ensuring customers have a seamless experience. This ensures that their visitors can navigate websites easily, complete purchases, and bring in the desired returns.

That’s why many businesses are hiring UI and UX designers. Your kid can venture into this field if they have programming skills and can work with various software. For instance, familiarity with HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and other skills can help them have a prosperous UI/UX design career.

  1. Project Manager

Many projects need management in organizations. That’s why firms are looking for people with project management skills in specific business aspects. For instance, you need automation testing skills to manage a team that tests software for a business.

This also applies to being a project manager for technical teams like those that prepare codes for software development. Your kid can secure a job as a project manager overseeing a coding unit in an organization. But then, you also need to know if your kid is keen on management as this job deals with managing teams.


There’s no doubt that coding is a promising career for kids, and it is becoming easier to learn every day. And, this article has discussed some programming career paths that kids with coding skills can get into. 

You should help your kid choose their career path depending on their skill level and specialization. It is easy to succeed in your preferred career path when you make the right choice.

The next thing you should do is find them a good coding school. A school with small classes ensures that they get the attention they need to grasp the skills. Besides, you should help them choose programming languages to give them the best foundation for their future careers.

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