Nueva función: lecciones de CodeMonkey

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Meet your new best friend, CodeMonkey LessonsLessons is a feature that will help you more easily conduct your coding classes. It is easily accessed from a classroom’s dashboard.

Lessons offers…

  • Access to individual lesson plans. Now you can access individual lesson plans from your classroom dashboard. This can help you easily manage your lessons based on where you are in the course.
  • A distinct mode for when you are teaching and when students play. When you begin a lesson, student accounts go into Lesson Mode, which means they cannot access any content. When you assign challenges, student accounts go into Playtime, which means they can only play the challenges relevant to the lesson you are on. This can help improve students’ focus and attention during class time since they will not be distracted by other challenges or activities.
  • Saved teaching progress per class. Lessons keeps track of your progress in each class since it saves which lesson plans you already taught. Once you end a lesson, it will automatically be marked as complete and will take you straight to the next lesson so you never forget where you left off.

Good to Know:

  • Lessons is currently only available for Coding Adventure and teacher accounts
  • During a lesson’s playtime, all students will be able to play the lesson’s challenges, regardless of their progress prior to class time
  • Teachers can limit student progress based on last lesson taught

If you haven’t tried out CodeMonkey’s lesson plans yet, now is a great time to. CodeMonkey Lessons greatly improves the teacher experience by making it easier to navigate and stay in control.

For more information, watch the video below on how to access and use CodeMonkey Lessons.

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