Quizzes Feature Live & More!

Quiz Feature Live
The quizzes feature is the new student assessment tool for teachers.

You can read and share this Quiz Help Article 

  • The new Quizzes feature enables teachers to assess their students’ learning progress with CodeMonkey!
  • Available now are 3 Quizzes for Beaver Achiever and 8 Quizzes for Coding Adventure.
  • Each quiz consists of 5 challenges uniquely built for the Quiz. Unique never-before seen by the students or the teacher!

Assign a Quiz and view the Quiz’s results as a teacher with these 4 simple steps:

1. Choose a classroom via ‘My Classrooms’
2. From the Classrooms Dashboard go to the Quizzes Tab.
3. Choose the quiz you would like to assign and click ‘Assign’
* If needed, set an ‘End Date’ for the quiz to be unassigned to your classroom. This means the quiz will become unavailable for the students to submit answers automatically on the selected date. 
4. Teachers are able to view students’ submissions from the Quiz tab as well, under ‘Quiz  Results’. 
You will know that students are solving it once the students start answering the quiz. The bar fills up as well as percentages. 

Limit Progress Feature

Extended to all the CodeMonkey Junior courses. View the help article.

Lesson Plans Added

Lesson Plans for the newly added CodeMonkey Jr. courses.

Limit Student Sign-Up

  1. Limit sign-in method per classroom:

This means when the teacher sets up a classroom they will have the option to choose a unified sign-in method for that specific classroom. Subsequently, the students will only see the sign-in method that the teacher chose for their classroom.

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