coding games for kids

Introduce your children to coding by playing a fun and intuitive game. Develop your kids skill set and prepare them for the future!

CodeMonkey is a fun and educational game environment where students learn to code in a real programming language, no previous experience needed.

Full course, ready to go

With CodeMonkey’s Teacher Kit, everyone can easily teach the basics of computer science.

Plan de suscripción para el hogar

Real programming language

Using CoffeeScript, students learn to code and then build their own HTML5 games.

controlador de juego y mono

game based learning

Write code. Catch bananas. Save the world.

constructor de juegos

Using what they learn, students can develop their own apps and games.

learning with codemonkey

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No se requiere experiencia previa en codificación

CodeMonkey is designed as a classroom resource with fully-guided lessons plans. This means that every teacher can teach the Codemonkey courses, even though they have no prior experience in Computer Science.

Monitor & assess your students progress

With our Teacher Dashboard, we save you both time and effort when monitoring your students progress.

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Codificación basada en texto

Es difícil imaginar la vida sin el uso de sistemas hoy en día. La codificación basada en texto es una parte fundamental de este proceso y puede preparar mejor a los niños para el siglo XXI.

write code. catch bananas. save the world.

CodeMonkey pricing

Introduce your students to a new fascinating world. With our premium plan, you can teach your students all the basic concepts of Computer Science and how to create their very own games.


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See Why Teachers Love Using CodeMonkey

"I was glad to see a coding game creating equally high engagement with girls! And the linear path makes guidance easy even with large student groups"
Diane Maestra principal
Diane Main
Director of Learning, Innovation & Design
California, USA
"I'm so pleased I had the opportunity to use CodeMonkey, I think it's the best that I've seen. The lesson plans with the online and offline activities are really good, It made it easy for the children to understand our goals."
Maestra katarina
Katarina Lantz-Dretnik
Primary School Teacher
London, UK
"Brilliant. The teacher reference solutions are a great tool to have, because some of my students are moving ahead of me!!!"

profesor de mic lowne
micrófono Lowne
Primary School ICT Teacher
Melbourne, Australia
"He estado usando CodeMonkey con niños de edades de 8 en adelante ¡a los estudiantes y maestros nos encanta! Es mi primer año codificando a los 29 años. ¡Los niños pueden codificar y yo también!"

Maestra Megan McNinch
Megan McNinch
Elementary School Teacher
South Carolina, USA

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