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Millions of kids from all over the world are already writing code thanks to CodeMonkey, the game-based learning platform, teaches students eight years and older the fundamentals of real-world computer programming.

CodeMonkey’s Spring Offer
Buy now, get 15% OFF for the upcoming school year!

Sign-up today and help your students learn computer programming in a fun and engaging way.

The CodeMonkey Spring Offer includes:

  • 200 Coding Adventure challenges that cover various coding topics such as variables, array indexing, loops, functions, and more! (all in a real coding language).
  • 200 Skill mode challenges for accelerated practice on Coding Adventure topics.
  • Teachers’ tutoring package: includes online training courses, management and reporting tools, automatic grading, and detailed lesson plans.

Offer ends May 31, 2017

For more information  – Request a quote

Write code. Catch bananas. Save the world

Try CodeMonkey at home or at school!

free trial, credit card not required


for your school / district

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