2019: Year in Review

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This past year was full of learning, innovation and new releases – and we couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks to your support, we released a record number of courses, won new awards and gained users in over 220 countries! Check out the highlights below:

Game Builder Won its First Award

In 2019, The Golden Bridge Awards recognized Game Builder as an Arts & Creativity Solution for Education. It highlighted Game Builder’s ability to bring out student creativity as they code their own games.

Game Builder Gif

Launched DISCOVER Community Page

To showcase all of the fun games that students have been building on Game Builder, CodeMonkey launched Discover. This Page has become a popular one on the CodeMonkey site, with a variety of vetted student games free for others to play and remix.

CodeMonkey Lessons Feature

This year we launched a feature that lets teachers gain more control while teaching! CodeMonkey Lessons helps you more easily conduct your coding classes as it has a distinct mode for when you are teaching and when students play. You can access it from your Classroom Dashboard.

First-Ever CodeMonkey App

CodeMonkey Jr. marked the first-ever CodeMonkey IOS and Android app that anyone can download and access for free! Made for pre-K and K, this block-based coding game teaches the basis of computational thinking without the need for reading or writing!

First Block-based Coding Courses

Along with CodeMonkey Jr., CodeMonkey came out with Beaver Achiever, a block-based coding game that teaches coding principles to 1st and 2nd grades.

Beaver Achiever Gif

Gamified Python Course

Last year, CodeMonkey released its first Python Course, Coding Chatbots, where students are taught Python as they program a chatbot game. This year, CodeMonkey released Banana Tales, which teaches Python as users play a fun game.

Banana Tales Gif

This was also the first year of CodeMonkey’s Ambassador Program! The program consisted of selecting teachers across the United States to be our local CodeMonkey representatives. They attended conference, blogged and tested new courses on our behalf.

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We would like to wrap up this amazing year by thanking our loyal users, partners and ambassadors!

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